Access to the nextcloud installed on the umbrel os under the tor network

I have an Umbrel node installed on a Raspbery Pi 4 and I installed Umbrel’s nextcloud app. I can access normally via the local network, but I want to expose access via the Tor protocol, does anyone know if this is possible?

Hi @brutus this is enabled by default.
If you navigate to the settings dashboard, you should be able to find a TOR address or enable it. You can use that in a TOR-enabled browser to open Umbrel, once you have done that, you can open the nextcloud app and the address bar will show you the onion address for that app.

Good morning @smolgrrr ,
I understood this part perfectly, what I want to do is configure the nextcloud client application to access the server via Tor.
I don’t know if there is any plugin for the nextcloud application that makes this possible. One solution I thought of is to somehow receive requests from the Tor network and depending on the request redirect to the server’s response port.
That makes sense?

Ah I see, so I assume you have a nextcloud client app on a phone/laptop/etc, and want to access your Umbrel’s nextcloud server outside of home (privately). Yes, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Nextcloud client apps offer any native TOR functionality.

Couple options here:

  • I see a lot of people recommend Orbot as a means to go from the Umbrel nextcloud TOR proxy to your nextcloud app with a connection the app can use
  • Tailscale creates a private ‘tunnel’ connection between your Umbrel and other devices, while using an IP address that will be readable by nextcloud clients
  • You could use a reverse proxy with a public server of your own that you can connect to, and then the server talks with your Umbrel over TOR. This is probably the most cumbersome set-up, but I can run you through the process if you’d like

Thank you so much for your help. I’ll try to apply your suggestions and I’ll tell you which one worked!