Share your NextCloud setup!

Curious to hear what you’re using your NextCloud + Umbrel set up for.

for me, I haven’t figured out how to access it anywhere besides through the Tor browser. The NextCloud app doesn’t support connections through Tor unfortunately. But interested in hearing what others have found useful!

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I set up NextCloud on another Pi , flashed with the NextCloud PI Os, I had lying around. Not really willing and brave enough to muddy the waters between a Lightning node and a home cloud server.

I haven’t found a way to automate channel backups and save to NextCloud. That would be quite a nice interface.

I’m interested in connecting nextcloud servers through tor. At some point, I’d like my friends and I to be able to connect our nextcloud umbrel instances. @iumbrel do you know if there are any official comments on nextcloud traffic over tor? Federation to my second umbrel nextcloud instance doesn’t seem to work.

Tailgate fix the tor problem partially

@scattolileo can you explain further and provide links? I can’t seem to find Tailgate. Thanks

Sure, just look for tailgate in umbrel store. Them look for it in your phone or computer. It’s super easy and create a vpn between your node and any device you install it.

I think what scattolileo was trying to say is you could use Tailscale. That is a distributed VPN that uses WireGuard