NextCloud with Umbrel - Tutorial?

I can’t seem to find informations anywhere to learn how to configure and use NextCloud with the Umbrel node !!!

Anyone ?

Thx in advance

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What exactly are you trying to do? The best i’ve been able to do is use tailscale to sync a photo folder from my phone to umbrel.

@ant0n how did you do this exactly? Is it just a folder share? I ask because I’m interested in nextcloud to use tor to federate. So far no luck It looks like it tries to federate over clearnet

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I have just started using nextcloud with Tailscale for my personal use. There is a awesome notes/to-do app called Joplin that syncs to nextcloud and I may start using for other features like the contacts and calendar storage for my phone.

@bitizenone Tailscale set up is super easy - you basically register your umbrel, phone, and any other device on the same account (likely through google) and Tailscale creates direct encrypted tunnels between your devices. Then you can just access your nextcloud URL over http at your umbrel server and nextcloud port even when you are away. You just need your phone to have Tailscale activated. There was a pretty good overview here

Giving this thread a bump because I’m also curious about federation, which doesn’t seem as likely with the Tailscale set up

You can set this up with HTTPS, you just don’t do it inside nextcloud or umbrel.

I used Nginx proxy manager, added a proxy. Then you need something that manages DNS entries. I use pihole, so I went to local dns, added the domain name that I created and the address of NPM. This only works for internal use, if you want external use you need a domain name or someone to manage ssl certs. However, this is all contingent on using SSL certs which you would need to google and find out how to use.