A way to connect to the Umbrel Nextcloud via DDNS

As you see I search for a way to make my nextcloud accessible via for example the link xxxx.ddns.org

Mainly to synchronize it with contacts and calendar on my Thunderbird on my pc or the calendar/contacts on my mobile phone.
Or is it only accessible over Tor? Because I don’t think this will work for me.

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Hello Grenzland!

At this time, the Umbrel system is only accessible over the Tor network. DDNS systems will not function correctly due to the anonymity of the TOR network.

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Hey Grenzland,

I was thinking of some solutions for you - I recommend setting up Tailscale! Which is directly implemented into Umbrel. Although this is not DDNS, it is much more secure version of that so you dont have your NextCloud to the open web.


That’s actually not a bad workaround.

For other people:

As far as I understand the Tailscale IP Address from the Umbrel server stays the same.
Of course IP addresses are less memorably but if you install Tailscape on your device you can look it up.

It works well and I can synchronize.

Thanks for the help to maxumbrel.