Nextcloud on Umbrel Home - Remote access via own subdomain

Im looking for instructions on how to set up Nextcloud
remotely from the Internet on my “Umbrel Home” server. I own a domain. I have already had some experience with the facility. I already have a Nextcloud (NextcloudPi) running on the Raspberry Pi. There I was able to configure the domain etc. because there is a wizard with a GUI there. Unfortunately, this menu item is not available in Nextcloud on the Umbrel. Presumably the configurations have to be done via command line.

Tailscale ist not an option for me.

I would be happy if you could help me. :blush:

There is no support within Umbrel directly but here is the solution:

Add radiokot’s app-store GitHub - Radiokot/umbrel-app-store: Radiokot's Umbrel apps

Set-up domain How to set up Cloudflare Tunnel on your Umbrel · Radiokot/umbrel-cloudflared Wiki · GitHub

Everything works great. Thanks to Umbrel Support for emailing me this solution.

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