Withdrawing sats from LN Markets

Hi all,

I’m trying to withdraw sats from LN Markets. I can easily deposit sats, but withdrawing results in a Lightning Network Invoice (LNMarkets Withdraw - Unpaid Invoice). I do not have a external wallet. I believe withdrawing should be possible as easy as depositing?

Best from The Netherlands.

To withdraw is simple: go to your Umbrel node (RTL/Thunderhub) and from your LN wallet create a LN invoice with the amount you want to withdraw. Then go to Lnmarket and past it. Done

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Thanks for your reply. Next issue to iron out while trying your solution: “There is no route for your payment”. A channel is up and running though (and funded).

Just 1 channel is not enough. You need to have LIQUIDITY IN and OUT.
Your lack of knowledge about how LN works, demand more reading and learning.
Here is resource post: Important links to learn more about Bitcoin Lightning Network

Yes, I concur. But just to be certain, indeed I have one channel (balanced) 300/k/200k sats. Do I understand correctly that this cannot work hence I need more then one channel?

In theory should work, but in practice will fail because of no routes found

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Opening a second channel solved the “problem”. Thx mate for your guidance.