Sats gone away, strange

Hey I have a question, Im runnning a small Node with 5 Lightning Channels. I created a Swap on Lightning Plus. But since yesterday I miss 100K Sats in Local Balance and Remote Balance. Do somebody know how this can happen?

I only see that one small channel had remote balance of 200K. Now has 100K, its that one from Lightning Plus. But where has these gone? Normally it should go into another ones local balance.

Thanks for your help!

I saw that these 100K Sats I can see in Ride the Lightning under Channels/Peers -> active HTLCs. What does that mean?

There is an Expiration Height on a Block in Future. Its available again on this Blocktime?

Please, we’ve created the Guides section omn this forum EXACTLY for these kind of questions, where user lack of basic knowledge about how Lightning Network works.
You need to study more, by yourself, there’s plenty of documentation, tutorials out there.


Take it easy and study them.

I read all that stuff, but its not easy to understand everything in english. And I watched lot more YT videos on lightning. But there are always some question open. But if its not ok to ask here so I will not do it in future

It is OK to ask, but there’s so much to explain that is better for you to start reading that documentation.
I have to explain you from the beginning how LN works here, when all those guides and documentation already explain it.
You can paste the link of those pages in google translator and will translate automatically if you are not familiar with english.

If you have very specific question that something is not working with your Umbrel, you will get all support we can give you, but we cannot teach you basics about LN. You need to do that effort yourself so we can have a common base from where we can start understanding each others.

Is not easy, I know, but please do the effort and read and understand. This is part of the journey that we all passed through. If you want shortcuts, there aren’t.

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thank you for your answer! Yes I need to learn more, but as a beginner its shocking when the balance isnt correct and some sats are gone away. Because I read a lot about systemic attacks on the lightning network. So I had fear of losing some sats, this is why I wrote here to get help. I understand the basics, but not all even if I read about it some time before I will never remember everything.

Is shocking because you jumped into this “running node thing” without reading first.
This is the mistake many new users are doing.
Install a node without reading anything about first.
Running a node is not a game! is a serious thing and should be treated seriously.

A good simple guide to start here to learn about managing a node: (is in other languages too)

I read every article on the internet I could find and watched almost ever video on youtube available of lightning. but when you think I have no clue, maybe im just stupid :smiley: so I should let this whole node thing go. I will pay my bitcoin out to my hardware wallet and then its ok :wink: