Forced close LN channel - "lost" sats?

I opened a LN channel of 2.5M sats with a random pleb a couple of months ago or so. Since then there’s been some transactions routing through it and I was sitting with roughly 1.6M sats on my local balance. Today, the random pleb decided ot close that channel and I only got 1.6M back to my Bitcoin wallet. I’m fairly new to LN but I haven’t routed any sats, what’s going on? Shouldn’t closer to 2.5M sats go back to my Bitcoin wallet?

You will get ONLY your side of the channel amount.
In the Guides section is a list of a lot of resources to learn more about how LN works.
You should consult it.

Thanks. I think I just forgot I did some rebalancing. Thanks for the link to the guides though.