Where or who do I ask for the backup file to restore my lightning channels and wallet?

Hi my Umbrel is in a perpetual state of trying to synchronize the Bitcoin Core wallet and Lightening wallet as well as the channels in my Node. This happened when I tried to restart my node after I tried to change the alias in ssh.

I think I need to re-flash my micro sd and reinstall the OS. I have the seed but not the backup file which is suppose to be stored on Umbrel server. Who should I contact to get the backup file? I did find my backup ID in ssh.

Also, I after I get my backup file, what are the command lines I need to restore it? Please help.

Thank you

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Usually that’s reserved for Umbrel staff, so this should get their attention: @mayank and/or @lukechilds – can you assist?

Thank you. So I just wait for their reply?

Hey @Mayablue can you give us your backup ID?

You can get it by logging in to your node via ssh and running

cat ~/umbrel/logs/karen.log | grep 'backup ID' | tail -n 1

The ID is: c1a83a58e33aa5aaac936379d5a2a49998af4792d575a45bd66a060f09d265dd. Please see attached jpg copied from ssh to make sure I typed it in correctly. I the last time before Umbrel went down was: October 28, around 1 to 1:30 pm PDT. I am now re-downloading the Bitcoin core using recovery phrase; still in download mode. Thank you for your help.

Perfect, found a backup from October 27, 2021, will dm it to you.

@lukechilds @Mayablue

My ID is 5962e4f840684238047c4474346d3b8a83d6a35f453c1f7e123ec24345a760ca

Could you send me a new file too?

Thank you

can somebody explain what is the purpose of these backups to the umbrel servers?
Ive noticed that im uploading what has to be decoys since im not using lightning yet.
Im just interested in the purpose mostly why we use a 3rd party server for a " be your own bank" system

Im new to lightning and umbrel so thank you.