Where are my sats?

Guy something really strange happened to me, I connected my Node to Bluewallet, everything looked fine, I sent some sats from BlueWallet to Muun Wallet to test it, the transfer worked perfectly but now Bitcoin Core Wallet on the node shows a different balance to the one I have on my bluewallet. But the weird thing is that the node shows a transfer of 925,521 but on bluewallet the transfer was for 21018, I don’t think that the balance in bluewallet is available either, is this something that I should wait like 24 hours? or I just lost 925,521 satoshis? :laughing:

By the way, the sats arrived in the Muun wallet, but the correct amount that I sent, not the 925,521 sats withdraw that I have in the Umbrel Node, this is the confirmation of that transaction for the 925,521 in the Umbrel Node: https://mempool.space/tx/7d06fc23508a2cb295b8e2c3c78a5a173939ff0982bea0f899694f633dc637f0