Wallet Locked, LND not working for version > 0.4.3

My Lightning wallet is locked (Raspberry Pi, Ethernet, SSD). This issue only occurred for version > 0.4.3.
Instructions mentioned in the following thread did not help:

Here is my Umbrel log file: https://pastbin.net/untitled-348

1st step to try: re-flash your mSD card with latest UmbrelOS 0.4.8
If is still locked, go to step 2:

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local 

The prompted password is your dashboard password.
Then execute:

cd ~/umbrel && docker-compose exec lnd /bin/bash


lncli unlock

When prompted, enter the password moneyprintergobrrr
Done. Now open Umbrel dashboard page and login.

Without re-flashing the mSD card, the following commands don’t solve the issue:

cd ~/umbrel && docker-compose exec lnd /bin/bash
lncli unlock

Is there a way to reflash the mSD without resync/reindex all the blockchain ?

re-flashing the mSD is not affecting the user data and blockchain blocks.
All user data are on SSD. mSD contain only the OS

mSD re-flashed, commands executed:

cd ~/umbrel && docker-compose exec lnd /bin/bash
lncli unlock

I still have the issue, see debug log:


2 days later the lnd locking issue has been magically fixed on its own ! However now I’m getting another issue that has been frequently reported without any answer: blockchain sync is looping again and again. When blockchain synchronization reaches 100% it starts back at 90% in a constant loop…any fix suggested ?

I heard about that issue with loop. It could be a hardware issue with your drive/connection.
Search on this forum about that “loop issue” are some others reporting it, but I do not know exactly the answer for you. Sorry