VPN blocking access to umbrel.local

I run a VPN 24x7 at home and never had an issue with umbrel.local until today. I wasn’t able to access umbrel.local, including via SSH in Terminal. I tried almost everything and was about to give up thinking the hardware had malfunctioned. Last ditch effort I turned off my VPN and it worked. I access with no problems. I’m just not sure why/how the VPN is blocking access to umbrel.local. Any thoughts?

Edit: Nevermind. I figured it out. There’s a setting in my VPN provider software (Mullvad) to enable/disable “local network sharing.” The setting was disabled so that was blocking access to umbrel.local. I recently upgraded my laptop and reinstalled Mullvad so that switch must have been disabled by default.

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Just a note, had the same issue, but to me, enabling local network on Mullvad didn’t make “umbrel.local” accessible. Had to connect to Umbrel typing its ip on the address bar.

setting up tailscale would also be a good fix here