VPN/DNS torrent woes

I have been torrenting for years, never had any issues, so long as i used a VPN. With so many torrenting apps now, I had assumed the tor would hide the traffic from my ISP…but i just received a notification.

Is there really no way to get a VPN or customize the DNS? My router doesn’t allow me to do either so I either have to find a solution with the umbrel, or i’ll have to rsync everything after downloading (very annoying) from my pc.

I don’t have the solution, but just bumping this discussion as support for VPNs would be hugely valuable.

But does raise the question, would a VPN to tunnel all Umbrel traffic interfere with Tailscale support?

In an ideal world, I would be able to connect to my Umbrel from any device, anywhere, with Tailscale but have all traffic from Umbrel piped over another VPN connection. Impossible?

still no reply. i had to opt against torrenting on the umbrel, buuuuuuuut now that they have a file manager you can easily download, drag, and drop it into the umbrel. jellyfin seems to quickly add it to the menu so whatever i guess that works.