Vikunja server error 500

I would like to use Vikunja on my umbrel, but i am getting random 500 Internal server errors. For exampIe, I want to create new project or task on web UI, 3x it ended with 500, for the fourth click it works fine.
I have RPi4, Umbrel version v0.5x, also on Umbrel v1.0.
Does someone solved this problem?

Same here with Umbrel Home. :unamused:

Hey folks, we’re investigating it to see if it’s an issue with Vikunja itself, or the way it’s been packaged for umbrelOS. We’ll get back with our findings or an update here.

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@denny @Vencoid This has been fixed in the latest Vikunja release on the app store (0.22.1). Thanks a ton for reporting!