Umbrel v0.3.14 is out with bugfix for connectivity issues

Umbrel v0.3.14 is now out which resolves the bug that caused Umbrel to randomly disconnect from the network and become inaccessible. Just login to your Umbrel to update! :rocket:

Sorry for this issue, guys! I know it’s been quite frustrating for some of you. Thanks for bearing with us and helping us debug the problem. :pray::heart:

PS: If you’re interested to know what exactly the bug (and the fix) was, check out @lukechilds’s tweet thread.


This is the first time in about a month that I did not have to reboot my raspberry pi after ~24h of networtk uptime. @mayank @lukechilds I am really happy you were able to fix this! Ignoring something (in this case a virtual interface) can be a good thing too :slight_smile: