Disconnected my RPi from power and it's not accesible anymore


I am very sorry if this topic was resolve before, I would appreciate very much a link to the solution. I have tried to go through some threads about power outages (because I guess it would be a similar problem) but without being able to fix it.

I had a Raspberry Pi 4 running Umbrel 0.4 without problem 100% synced with Ethernet and SSD. I decided to change to a case with included fans because lately has been running hot. I unplugged from the power, took everything apart reconnected with the new case and now I can’t see the device in the router admin and also the SSD to USB cable that I use is not lighting up the two small lights that show its activity. Trying to fix the problem I unplugged and plugged (and later I realize this is not a good way to do it) and later I also reflashed the mSD card using Balena to see if this fix the problem, but no luck.

I also don´t know how to get a copy of Umbrel’s Logs. I know I have to go to go to “Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Start” but is that with the RPi plugged to my MacBook? If I can have a better explanation on how to do this I can share them.

Sorry for being so newbie about all this,

Thank you very much in advance!