Using a second self-powered drive


I’d like to set up a RasPi 4B 8GB with Umbrel. In my desired set-up I’d have an SSD connected as well as a self-powered hard drive for data. Is this possible at all right now?

If not, will this be added in the future or is there a work around?


Currently Umbrel doesn’t support 2 external drives, mainly due to the limitations of RasPi. The best current solution is to get an SSD with larger storage capacity.

Someone please correct me if/when that is updated!

I believe this is in the roadmap for the future however: Separate ssd for nextcloud app?

Thanks for the reply. In the link it is mentioned that the problem would be the power delivery from the Pi. However, I would like to use a self-powered drive. Would that work?

It would be awesome to incorporate multiple drives with Umbrel. To have separate ones for BTC./LND, NextCloud, SimpleTorrent/Media Server, Electrs, etc…Then good use could be made of all these old hard drives I have lying around.

So it’s not possible now, even if they have their own power supply?