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Hi there,

I came to learn about Umbrel as a Bitcoiner. I intend to build my own node in a Raspberry Pi. I’d like to run Bitcoin Core node, as well as a Lightning node, and BTCpayserver as well.

But in addition, I see that you can use Umbrel to manage photos, videos, storage?

My wife has been on me about gathering all our family photos and videos from various sources so we can manage, enjoy, and have somewhat of a legacy collection if you will. Something that’s not reliant on 3rd party cloud services.

Looking at the recommended SSD size for this setup, Umbrel recommends a 1TB drive. But my question is, should I be getting a 2TB drive? Can an even bigger one still work too? Like, what if I got a 10TB drive, would that still work with a Raspberry Pi?

Do any of you run a similar setup where you’re doing the same things as my description above? Would really appreciate any advice you might have! Thank you

The 1TB Recommendation Comes from the size needed to store the Bitcoin Main-net, If you intend to use the extended functionalities like Next-cloud to create a integrated storage solution it is definitely advisable to expand your storage beyond the one terabyte recommendation.

Your storage Drive is going to be an external drive, for the purposes of storing the main-net you will have a better experience syncing the block-chain on a external SSD.

What’s most important when choosing your hardware in regards to what drives to combine with your PI will be to choose drives that are high quality, from reputable manufactures, and ensure your are managing the amount of power load you put on the pi.

you could also go with an integrated solution like an argon one case that could allow you to mate your PI with a internal 2tb m.2 sata drive pretty affordably and offer great performance for all of the tasks.

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Do you know if a Raspberry Pi can have more than one external drive attached?

It’s definitely possible, as you start adding additional devices to you pi’s usb port you have to start watching the power draw, but often times the addition of a powered usb hub can alleviate this.

You can really go from from a basics quiet box all the way to a full nas setup, as you grow your setup you have to do more planning but there a lot of resources available when it come to building pi’s

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I’m such a newb lol, what’s a nas setup?

Sorry acronyms don’t make friends :slight_smile:

Nas stands for network attached storage. It’s the concept of having a device on your home network function as a centralized storage point for data.

So by setting up your pi, installing Umbrel, then installing the Nextcloud app and using your Umbrel to store your families pictures , your creating a network attached storage device.

The nice thing in this scenario is that Umbrel will do most of the heavy lifting of setting up the file sharing aspect of things up once you have it installed with the pre packaged applications.

I’m pretty new to the Umbrel project but I’ve been working with Nextcloud some in other areas and I think it’s a great packaged application for your use case.

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Thanks awesome, thank you! Excited to do this!

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