Add secondari HDD for NextCloud

Today I started with Umbrel and I have it running with a external 1TB SSD.
Is it posible to add a secondari external HDD (4TB) to be used with NextCloud?


Are you running a pi 4? Is the new SSD powered separately or by USB? I’ve heard concerns that 2 USB powered SSDs are too much of a power draw. Have not confirmed for myself

Yes, new HDD is on a powered USB HUB, so no power problems.

I have a separate pi 4 with 2 powered HDDs to both the USB 3.0 ports running raspbian and it runs fine for me, I would assume it would be fine for the Umbrel. Congrats on joining the community

The problem is usb is not a reliable conection, putting 2 usb drives on a RasPI system you will need lots of aspirin to the headaches… Better do that with a normal PC.