Uptime Kuma update

Uptime Kuma for Umbrel is falling a little behind on updates.

v1.21.2 whereas Releases · louislam/uptime-kuma · GitHub indicated the new version is v1.23

v1.21.2 goes back to April 3 and there’s been several updates on Github since.

Is there a way to get this updated?

Hi @Unknown_Contact, there is an open pull request to update Uptime Kuma Update Uptime Kuma to v1.23.0 by ankit5902 · Pull Request #750 · getumbrel/umbrel-apps · GitHub

Should go through soon. If you’re comfortable with command line interface for Umbrel, you could potentially pull it now before it is vetted- let me know if you’d like me to show you how, or if you’re just happy to wait.