Umbrel 0.4.10 is out with a new app, Boltz swaps in RTL, and more

Umbrel 0.4.10 is now out with a brand new app in the Umbrel App Store — Uptime Kuma, a self-hosted website monitoring tool, Boltz swap support in Ride The Lightning app, updated apps including the latest Lightning Terminal app with a security fix, and bug fixes. :tada:

Here’s a quick demo of adding a monitor to Uptime Kuma:

Uptime Kuma on Umbrel

Twitter announcement:


Useralreadyexists bug here …

tryed to recovery words , unsuccesfull
create new account , same error … ( new wallet ,new login , new pass )
reflashed sd card …

Uptime Kuma is a pretty useful app to have. Thank you Umbrel team for this.