What is the manual command to update umbrel 1.0.x

I’m still on version 1.0.1 and want to update to 1.0.3. The dashboard doesn’t find any newer version.
Does anyone know how is the update command for ssh?

That should work:

sudo mender install https://download.umbrel.com/release/1.0.3/umbrelos-pi.update && sudo reboot


Is the url for raspi4 or raspi5?

After the manual uopdate I can’t login via ssh anymore (wrong password) Is the update changing the ssh password?
Please help! :exploding_head:

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Try the default password “umbrel”

yes, I had the same issue, I upgraded my umbrel via SSH using that command and I was not able to login via SSH anymore, but using default password “umbrel”, it works, thanks.

Same here, i tried reboot and then works with my password