Update doesn't work, blockchain doesn't synchronization

I need help , suddenly I have different issues.
Tor is not available, blockchain don’t synchronization, Update is not working.
I have issued a log datei.
Restart i did try yet.

Show logs

Your Tor connection is broken. That’s why the bitcoin sync is not starting. Without bitcoin sync started, all the rest are waiting.
Restart your router and your node.
Set a static IP for you node
Optional you can setup your node in hybrid mode Tor and clearnet to sync.
Here is a guide:

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There is a second site, but I can’t send, because I am a new User.

Thank you , but this seemed me is for advanced user. My second problem is english.
I will need a long time, for this solvation.

Then you should not use a such complex LN node until you do not learn and understand how a node and LN works.
I wrote another guides explaining all types of LN wallets here.

You could just start learning about LN by using SBW, Blixt, Breez, that are mobile node wallets. Then slowly advance in your learning. In the Guides section of this forum are posted many resources for you to start learning.