Channel not available

I’ve been having a problem with my node for about 1 week. again and again, 50% of the channels are not available. sometimes the channels reconnect on their own but often I have to restart the node. but after a few hours I have the same problem again. does anyone else have such problems or a solution? I haven’t changed anything about my environment.

  1. Set a static IP for your node. Use a eth cable not wifi.
  2. Be sure you have a stable internet connection that also allow Tor traffic in normal conditions. Maybe your ISP is blocking your Tor traffic. Try restating your router.
  3. Set your node in a hybrid mode (clearnet + Tor), at least to see if is more stable.
  4. Check with your peers. Maybe is not your node fault but your shity peers.
  5. Check your node logs (lnd and tor logs), see where is the disruption

Consult the guides section of this forum where you have more info.

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