Lightning Node doesnt load up

When I load my lightning node, it doesn’t finish to load up. Gets stuck about 60%. Is anyone else having the same issue? All my other apps work fine. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall and will I have the same core wallet?

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Hey @digi_monkey! Are you sure your Bitcoin Blockchain is fully synchronized? It’d be nice to have some further information to troubleshoot this can you provide us with the debug logs? You can get them in your Dashboard > Settings > Troubleshoot
if you are familiar with using the terminal you can try to restart manually the Lightning Node app by first shutting it down :
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app stop lightning
and restarting it again:
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app start lightning

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Thank you so much! I cked Dashboard > Settings > Troubleshoot, everything looked good & restarted it as you suggested, Lightning Node working fine now.

Hi - I am accessing my node via Tor. How can I re-start it using Tor?

Thank you.