"Uncle Jim" Dashboard Request

Is there a way to check and see who is connected to my Umbrel node/electrum server?
I very soon will be (as I am sure many others are/will be also) acting as the “Uncle Jim” for my family and friends with regards to Bitcoin by allowing them to connect to my Node/Electrum Server.
It would be awesome if I could see who all is connected in some sort of dashboard, ideally where I could label them (i.e. “Dad’s BlueWallet”), see stats on when they first connected, last connected, any connection issues, etc… and even disconnect them if needed.
I think that visibility, labeling, and control over who is connected to my Umbrel node/electrum server would be great (other than just sharing QR codes/wallet connect instruction screens and then not knowing who all is actually using it).

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“Uncle Jim Dashboard” - I like it :rofl:
I am sure it will be something like that. But these things take time to be developed.