Is anyone using LNDhub to share their node with others?

Hi, I am looking for stories about LNDhub and how you found working with it. Also i would like to try to join someones LNDhub just to try it out. Looking forward to your reponses, if any. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Yes, I do with my family (3 users). I am “uncle Darth” :rofl:
I made a guide here about Umbrel + LNDhub and also here on this community


Can you see what the balances of the family member wallets are? Or do you just communicate with them to get the balances verbally?

I’m looking for tools to help me be a responsible family banker, i.e., to be sure I provide sufficient channel liquidity so they can spend their sats.

You can do that (wallet management) if you use LNbits LNDhub (integrated also in Umbrel). There you have user/wallet management and more features.
But using LNDhub from Bluewallet Lightning app in Umbrel, no, is not possible to see the balance of those LNDhub wallets. Maybe in a future if Bluewallet is improving the LNDHUB app.

Thank you for the clear response.
I will take a look at LNbits and agree that would be a good improvement to LNDhub.
At least I know what to tell the family members.

But you can see in your LN node reports the txs they do, but will not be reflected into your own LN balance.
You are their blind banker :grinning: