SPV wallet + Umbrel node = no tx?

Howdy y’all!

I‘m (like many of you) pretty new to this full node business and would therefore like to clear something up that a user on Reddit made me aware of.

So, here goes:

Is it true that if I connect a 3rd party SPV wallet exclusively to my Umbrel node to privately verify the wallet’s btc balance, that I will not be able to make a transaction on the bitcoin base layer with said balance?

The user mentioned that this is due to the Umbrel developers currently not allowing inbound connections or something like that.

That guy just make fun of you and/or have no idea about how a Bitcoin node works.
SPV wallet you mean Electrum for example?
Is just simple as following the instructions in Umbrel dashboard - connect wallet.
That Electrum wallet will connect to your own node and all txs will be validated and broadcast ONLY through your node. And doesn’t matter to how many other peers is your node connected.
Those peers have totally another meaning, to sync your node blocks, that’s all.

Yes, although in my case I was talking about BRD (formally known as breadwallet) when I mentioned SPV wallet.