A Few Questions - How Umbrel Works

  1. Is there any way to (like Bitcoin Core) turn on/off outgoing connections (the ones that make your node visible to others to send block info out and not just receive it), or is it default and only set to “on” in order to support the decentralization of the network? I’m cool either way, just curious.

  2. Is my Umbrel a Bitcoin core node or an electrum server, or both? I’ve heard there are some privacy advantages to having an electrum server over a core node (something about indexing transactions?), and when trying to connect some certain wallets, there is electrum server info provided.

  3. Am I actually getting any say in the “consensus rules” by running a node (i.e. if there is a fork) if I’m just hodling bitcoin and not doing many transactions (other than the occasional incoming to cold storage)? I used to think that just having a node was all you needed, but recently heard that only those receiving transactions, the “economic majority,” have influence on the consensus rules. Is this correct? Does opening and closing lightning channels qualify as economic activity that increases my contribution and therefore “say” in the protocol?

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Great questions. I’d like to know as well.

By default, Umbrel is not a listening node = doesn’t allow other nodes to connect to it. It is not possible for now to turn this feature on or off.

Umbrel bundles a Bitcoin Core node, a Lightning node and an Electrum Server (electrs). An Electrum Server needs Core to work, you can see it as a more efficient way to get data from Core.

Not sure to understand what you mean by “receiving transactions”.

Lightning has nothing to do with the main chain updates (forks). It’s a second layer.

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'By default, Umbrel is not a listening node = doesn’t allow other nodes to connect to it. It is not possible for now to turn this feature on or off."

Is this mean Umbrel no receiving inbound connections?
I want to run Bitcoin node to support the network.

Not with Umbrel.
For that, you will need a powerful node machine, with a lot of bandwidth, public fix IP and 365/24/7 online.
Are you ready for that?
Because if you try with a tiny toy machine like RaspPi, you will not gonna like it how will end.

hi, I guess running Bitcoin node for 6 hours per day can help the network.
My concern is, is this Umbrel receiving inbound connections?
If not then it can’t support the network.

Are you kidding? Do you think this is a game or something?
I posteD here a long list of resources to read and learn more about nodes.

The guides section of this forum is full of information that you should read.

I am not talking about Bitcoin lightning network.
I am talking about Bitcoin full node.

All info is in there: a LN node CANNOT run without a BTC node.

I want to run the Bitcoin full node but not the LN node.

If you want only that, you really don’t need umbrel.
Just install BTC Core on your regular PC/Laptop whatever, open the port 8333 and leave that 365/24/7 online

Yup but I can’t open port 8333. So, I can’t have inbound connections with my Bitcoin Core.
So I need to know the Umbrel receiving inbound connections or not?

You have inbound connections, but as I already answered to you many times now: you will be limited to 10-11 max.
Why are you so obsessed with inbound connections?
You run a node FOR YOU in the first place. Otherwise is useless