Unable to update to the latesest umbrelOS

Hi! I have 2 years old Bitcoin Machine with Umbrel (2TB SSD) and I’m unable to update to the latest 1.0.0 UmbrelOS. My current umbrelOS version is 0.5.4. Any tips on what could help?

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This new Umbrel has been such a challenge. There seems to be lots of issues with it. I have been at it since it was released on the 18/3 and I have no faith in it at all. Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn’t. If you are well versed in computers you may get it to work. I would stay away until they can assure that it is running as it should.

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Hi @kaptah sorry to hear about your struggle to update here.
Please see this guide here for updating your device- is there any particular step you’re stuck on?

what is the latest version to update 1.0.4? Can you please post the link to download it. I’m also not happy at all after updating to version 1.0 I 'm not able to connect anymore with my iMac, it’s still everything super teci and not at all self explaining, you could have done a better job tbh.

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Hi @smolgrrr ! Thanks for reaching out. I just press the “install now” under settings (where it says umbrelOS 1.0.0. is now ready to be updated). So I’m afraid that guide does not help in my case - what should be done?

Apologies for any confusion, yes per the update guide here you will need to manually reflash the SD card that you can find in your device.
If you need any assistance with these steps please let me know.