Can't update UMBREL software

Finally found my Pi4 after moving and set it up again. Now here is the issue, the Umbrel Version is not updating and Bitcoin Core is stuck.
I wiped the SD card, installed latest Umbrel software and tried multiple troubleshoot.
Anybody has an idea what to do?

Can you please try restarting your Umbrel and then heading back to the settings dashboard to click on ‘CHECK FOR UPDATE’.

Otherwise, as this is so many versions behind, unfortunately you may need to reformat the SSD/HDD and start with a fresh Umbrel instance.

already did the formatting of the SSD card and still couldn’t get it to run

Heya looks like we’re stuck on 0.4.15,

We’re always happy to help with various issues here! Sorry that happened thanks for being a legacy user!

Reformatting can be a quick fix to get up and running sometimes just to clean install and boot up quickly…

Team making exciting strides on user-friendliness and constantly improving.

May I also confirm @fromNeg2Pos , you mentioned you formatted your SSD card, SSD is an acronym for Solid State Drive, it’s not necessarily a card but a usually 2.5 inch nand/flash based / no moving parts storage drive. Whereas the MicroSD card, that is what you’d reflash and could resolve as smolgrrr mentioned, had you reflashed the MicroSD card, this could fix your issue, but the SSD card - had you formatted that, you would not get this error, because your installation would be wiped. All data is stored on the storage drive of the operating system, and formatting that will lose data… but reformatting/or reflashing MicroSD card is our quick fix to most solutions on a Pi 4 :slight_smile:

As mentioned in our quick fix in FAQ guide, the official guide here

Steps to reflash MicroSD card, that results in no data loss: umbrelOS - An elegant OS for your home server

The below steps may be redundant, and may not applicable on each scenaro, but for anyone curious who stumbles upon, here you go for a nice easter egg/behind the scenes!

Just providing a long answer here if people want:

@fromNeg2Pos please let us know if you had any sensitive data or anything, I’d recommend the reformat, clean install is easy… let me know if you have any issue with what would be a wipe and reformat, steps here









To debug this in command line…

FAQ here on How to SSH reference

Then on your Umbrel you can run the following

For prior updates:

To safely update and run through the migrations we will be going 0.4.4 > 0.4.18 > 0.5.0 > 0.5.3 > 0.5.4

You can just run this first for a manual update:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.4.18

(For example if on 0.4.4 or prior to 0.4.18 like in this specific scenario)

Also, again anyone who stumbles upon this if you were on something prior to 0.4.4, thanks for being a legacy user! (I like saying that)

This can get you to v0.4.18, if that works would be great to reboot to make sure all background services are running correctly and click update again like smolgrrr said.

Then should be able to get fully up to date via the UI (if users reading this are on legacy versions),

If doesn’t work you can run the following too if you wish,

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.5.0

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.5.3

Let us know how this goes anyone who may pursue this route…

Then that previous command should not be used for users who want to get to 0.5.4

If you are confirmed already on 0.5.3 and anyone does for any reason want to run a manual command to update vs. 0.5.4 you can run:

cd ~/umbrel && echo '{"state": "success", "progress": 100, "description": "Successfully installed Umbrel v0.5.3", "updateTo": "v0.5.4"}' | sudo tee statuses/update-status.json && sudo scripts/update/update --ota

Let me know if any questions, this should all work seamlessly after the first update runs without going to command line or just after a reflash to avoid this, let us know anymore details about your setup if any issue and any error, thank you!

hey there, i really tired to follow your guide. after connecting to umbrel@umbrel.local via ssh I got this error.