Unable to start with New OS 1.0 Version

I have a Raspberry Pi that was working perfectly fine until just now.
I downloaded the new OS 1.0, flashed my Micro SD Card as I did with previous versions but when booting up it gets stuck forever in a loop… I’m very worried because I can’t make it boot now. Any idea?
below some of the messages I get on screen

systend- journaldf1491: /var/log/ journal/a220d67e3fa94c3bb602315fb3Bed54a/system.journal: Journal header limits reached or header out-of-d

EXT-fs (sdal): mounted filesystem 32930a28-b91a-14a2-6124-5beb0116a333 r/w with ordered data mode. Quota mode: none.

53.1879671 Adding 4194300k swap on /swap/Swapfile. Priority:-2 extents:322 across:598925312k


bridge: filtering via arp/ip/ipotables is no longer available by default. Update your scripts to load br_netfilter if you need this.

64.7552841 Bridge firewalling registered

65.1293441 Initializing XFRM netlink socket


71.405187] br-61693631978: port 1(vethd115697) entered blocking state

71.405291] br-6f69363197eB: port 1(vethd115697) entered disabled state

71.405382] vethd115697: entered allmulticast mode

71.4056581 vethd115697: entered promiscuous mode

72.166237] br-6/693631978: port 2(vethae122f) entered blocking state

72.166338] br-6f693631978: port 2(uethae122fd) entered disabled state

72.166477] vethae122fd: entered allnulticast mode

72.168331] vethae122fd: entered proniscuous mode

72.172308] br-6669363197eB: port 2(vethae122fd) entered blocking state

72.172411] br-6f693631978: port 2(vethae122fd) entered forwarding state

72.174844] br-6f693631978: port 2(vethae122fd) entered disabled state

72.457367] br-6f69363197e8: port 3(vethc740f09) entered blocking state

72.457459] br-6f693631978: port 3(vethc740f09) entered disabled state

72.457547] vethc?40f09: entered allmulticast mode


vethc740f09: entered promiscuous mode

72.459321] br-66693631978: port 3(vethc?40f09) entered blocking state

72.459409] br-6f693631978: port 3(vethc740f09) entered forwarding state

72.463211] br-6f693631978: port 3(vethc740f09) entered disabled state

Yep same problem here also. I’m not fixing it this time.

I am having this exact same issue now but I purchased a new Home device from Umbrel. I was running a Pi4 BTC node for over a year now and got the email to upgrade to the new 1.0 but you have to flash the card. I did that and it booted up but non of my apps were running after that. I messed with that for a long bit and talked myself into an upgrade for ease sake and better faster hardware. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED I just spent $400 and exact same results with new machine. Will not install anything and Umbrel will barely reply to help. I sent them an email after he replied 1 time and that was 4 days ago and no response. I really thought they were a decent company especially me buying their rather expensive for what it is hardware. I hope you all can help but it seems like a major software issue related to 1.0.

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I have come to the same conclusion about Umbrel. Soooooo glad I didn’t buy the home. It would be sitting on the shelf with my Raspberry Pi5.

What I found now is that my umbrel is working after flashing etc… if I access umbrel.local it’s apparently booting but the terminal screen is still showing this infinite loop of messages

is this ever going to end on the terminal?

I had an issue on the upgrade, but I found re flashing the SD card fixed it. SD cards are by nature disposable, so getting a few spare is not a bad idea.