UmbrelOS 1.1 and Raspberry PI 4 8 GB

Hi guys, I have updated to version 1.1 the OS of my Raspberry PI 4 model B with Umbrel OS 1.1 and nothing works anymore … Better to say Umbrel starts but all the apps are in “not starting”, and this lasts about 6 days…
The SSD associated with the Raspberry is a Maxtor 1 TB
I have a Mac, OSX Catalina 10.15.7 /3.2 GHz processor /24 GB RAM /SSD Crucial 2 TB recently installed . I looked for some help online but nothing seems to be right for me… Can anyone help me?
(I am not a programmer, but I can use terminal behind appropriate instructions) Thanks in advance

The Web UI is loaded(?) - can you go for Settings and start Debug if there is something to be seen?

Did you reboot it - also doable from menu or via SSH. Does it perform reboot (sometimes is will last in reboot status for few minutes as it shutting down containers…) OK or does it stuck and you unplug it from pwr directly?

Speaking about SSH - does the OS let you in (into RPi) - top command return some nonstandard stuck CPU intensive process?

If the app is opened manually - ie. Mempool (the IP:port / 192.168.1.x:3006 or anywhere it lives) is it loaded, is it synced?

Dear friend, I really thank you for your prompt response, unfortunately some of your technical indications are too difficult for me. The web interface is OK, but I wouldn’t know how to debug it if it were necessary. I tried restarting Umbrel, and after several minutes the window appears with the password request… everything proceeds, but the apps continue to be blocked… I am not able to decipher the last 2 sentences, sorry… thanks again, anyway

Possibly… is there some string of text (that I won’t understand) that I can enter into Terminal and be parsed by you?

With all due respect not only that I’m not paid for it but also if you can’t do it already therefore I can’t parse as this requires basic knowledge of non-parseable work around the problem.

But learn the basic - ssh is must have if one run a fullnode.
Don’t be dependent on this glorified ‘container management system’ named ‘Umbrel’.

As you can see, it can fail you.

Google or nowadays ChatGPT XYZ is friend of yours.