Umbrel very slow and apps won't open

I recently upgrade my Pi4 to Umbrel 1.0.x and have had nothing but issues since then. Everything runs very slow. It takes hours to boot up and even then trying to open Settings or anything takes a lot longer than it used to. Even ssh’ing into it can take quite a while at times (though other times that does seem to work well).

Additionally my apps won’t open. It took my a lot of time and searching through the forums to even get them to start. Previously it would get stuck on “Starting…” or even “Not Running”. Now at least they seem to have got past that, but when I click one to open it a new page opens that just hangs and “loads” a white screen forever. I’ve tried looking through troubleshooting logs but nothing really stands out to me and I’m unsure if this is an Umbrel OS issue or an app issue will all my apps.

Can anyone help me figure this out? I’m not really sure what logs would be useful to post at this point. Things were going so well before 1.x and now I and many others it seems have so many issues. Pretty disappointing and I’m wondering if I need to start searching for an alternative. :frowning:

I keep checking in to see if its stable yet, then I just decide its working fine why bother.

A potential clue:

In the web UI it says I’m on “umbrelOS 1.1”, however when I ssh in and try sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug it says " Umbrel version 0.5.3" (full output below).

Did I somehow get in some weird half-updated state?! Any have ideas on what to do here?

= Umbrel debug info =

Umbrel version

Memory usage
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            8.2G        2.2G        284M        761K        5.8G        6.0G
Swap:           4.3G        3.7M        4.3G

total: 27.3%
system: 27.3%

Memory monitor logs
2022-10-14 01:36:01 Warning memory usage at 94%
2022-10-14 01:37:01 Warning memory usage at 95%
2022-10-14 01:38:03 Warning memory usage at 96%
2022-10-14 01:39:07 Warning memory usage at 96%
2022-10-14 01:40:16 Warning memory usage at 96%
2022-11-10 15:51:10 Memory monitor running!
2022-11-10 16:13:11 Memory monitor running!
2022-11-22 15:32:25 Memory monitor running!
2023-06-25 06:06:35 Memory monitor running!
2023-07-16 15:17:34 Memory monitor running!

Filesystem information
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
overlay          48G  361M   46G   1% /
/dev/sda1       1.9T  725G  1.1T  41% /home/umbrel/umbrel

Karen logs

Removing electrs_tor_server_1 ... 
Removing electrs_electrs_1    ... 
Removing electrs_tor_1        ... done
Removing btc-rpc-explorer_tor_server_1 ... done
Removing electrs_electrs_1    ... done
Removing btc-rpc-explorer_web_1        ... done
Removing mempool_api_1        ... done
Removing mempool_mariadb_1    ... done
Removing mempool_app_proxy_1  ... done
Removing mempool_web_1        ... done
Removing mempool_tor_server_1 ... done
Going to remove mempool_app_proxy_1, mempool_tor_server_1, mempool_api_1, mempool_web_1, mempool_mariadb_1
Removing btc-rpc-explorer_app_proxy_1  ... done
Going to remove btc-rpc-explorer_app_proxy_1, btc-rpc-explorer_web_1, btc-rpc-explorer_tor_server_1
Removing electrs_tor_server_1 ... done
Removing electrs_app_proxy_1  ... done
Going to remove electrs_tor_1, electrs_app_proxy_1, electrs_tor_server_1, electrs_electrs_1
Stopping bitcoin_server_1      ... done
Stopping bitcoin_i2pd_daemon_1 ... done
Stopping bitcoin_tor_1         ... done
Stopping bitcoin_tor_server_1  ... done
Stopping bitcoin_app_proxy_1   ... done
Stopping bitcoin_bitcoind_1    ... done
Removing bitcoin_server_1      ... 
Removing bitcoin_bitcoind_1    ... 
Removing bitcoin_tor_1         ... 
Removing bitcoin_i2pd_daemon_1 ... 
Removing bitcoin_app_proxy_1   ... 
Removing bitcoin_tor_server_1  ... 
Removing bitcoin_i2pd_daemon_1 ... done
Removing bitcoin_bitcoind_1    ... done
Removing bitcoin_tor_server_1  ... done
Removing bitcoin_server_1      ... done
Removing bitcoin_tor_1         ... done
Removing bitcoin_app_proxy_1   ... done
Going to remove bitcoin_server_1, bitcoin_bitcoind_1, bitcoin_tor_1, bitcoin_i2pd_daemon_1, bitcoin_app_proxy_1, bitcoin_tor_server_1

Stopping Docker services...

Stopping nginx      ... 
Stopping tor_server ... 
Stopping manager    ... 
Stopping tor_proxy  ... 
Stopping auth       ... 
Stopping dashboard  ... 
Stopping nginx      ... done
Stopping tor_server ... done
Stopping tor_proxy  ... done
Stopping auth       ... done
Stopping dashboard  ... done

Docker containers
NAMES                           STATUS
bitcoin_server_1                Up 20 hours
electrs_app_1                   Up 20 hours
file-browser_server_1           Up 20 hours (healthy)
file-browser_app_proxy_1        Up 20 hours
file-browser-tor_server-1       Up 20 hours
bitcoin_app_proxy_1             Up 20 hours
bitcoin_bitcoind_1              Up 20 hours
bitcoin_i2pd_daemon_1           Up 20 hours
bitcoin_tor_1                   Up 20 hours
bitcoin-tor_server-1            Up 20 hours
btc-rpc-explorer_web_1          Up 20 hours
btc-rpc-explorer-tor_server-1   Up 20 hours
electrs_tor_1                   Up 20 hours
electrs_app_proxy_1             Up 20 hours
btc-rpc-explorer_app_proxy_1    Up 20 hours
mempool_app_proxy_1             Up 20 hours
electrs-tor_server-1            Up 20 hours
electrs_electrs_1               Up 2 hours
mempool_mariadb_1               Up 20 hours
mempool_api_1                   Up 19 hours
mempool_web_1                   Up 20 hours
mempool-tor_server-1            Up 20 hours
auth                            Up 20 hours
tor_proxy                       Up 20 hours

Umbrel logs

/home/umbrel/umbrel/scripts/debug: line 131: docker-compose: command not found

Tor Proxy logs

/home/umbrel/umbrel/scripts/debug: line 137: docker-compose: command not found
This script requires "docker-compose" to be installed
==== Result ====
The debug script did not automatically detect any issues with your Umbrel.