Umbrel crashes all the time

I’ve been using Umbrel for almost a year. I really like Umbrel. I have almost 20 channels with 0.2BTC in them.
But Umbrel crashes all the time, it’s too unstable. Maybe it’s the raberrypi’s problem. Or maybe it’s the codes problem. I don’t know.
I just fixed it several days ago. This morning it is not working again. I’m tired of this.
I’m flashing the SD card one last time. If it can not work properly, I think I have to try another way to run my lightning node.

what is temperature of your raspberry PI, maybe it is running too hot?

It’s OK now, after I reflashed the SD card.The temperature is OK.
I hope it can work longer before the next breakdown.

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It’s the 0.5.4 update. I’ve had the same issues ever since the update dropped. I too am on a Raspberry Pi so that could be the common denominator and I’ve not seen anyone with the Umbrel Server purchased from the website having the same issues. But they need a more stable build for the RPi 4B 8Gig unless we are just SOL until we can acquire a Raspberry Pi 5.

@Jacky @ryukenkai did you find any fixes for this? I wonder if there is an active GitHub issue?