Fck umbrel12345

Umbrel 4.17 (looked up version using linux)
Fresh sd
Router with indicate rspi named umbrel and always same ip

Problem: I can’t login to umbrel now for 3 months. I have no backup.
If I try to ssh into umbrel I get response:

“port 22: Connection timed out”"

What now?

Is umbrel.local accessible in your browser? After 3 months, have you tried simply rebooting the device or reflashing the SD and restoring from seed?

Yes of course, I tried to reboot 1000 times. I reflashed the sd card 999 times.

Seems impossible to diagnose what’s wrong without more information.

How do I get more information?

This guy is a fking idiot.


Fuck you dude, I read the whole shitty trouble shouting guide. I’m no expert but it didn’t say I had to be. You tell me whats wrong, fucker. I did not change anything, the shitty thing stopped working.

Your brainrot is showing.

Can you ping that ip?