Umbrel update to v0.5.4-patch-1 failed

Hello everyone,
Update Umbrel on Raspberrypi OS from v0.5.4 to v0.5.4-patch-1 fails in several times.

sudo ./scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#0.5.4-patch-1
fails with

Clone to ‘/tmp/umbrel-update’ …
warning: Could not find remote branch v0.5.4-patch-1 to clone.
fatal: Remote-Branch v0.5.4-patch-1 not found in upstream repository origin
fatal: No Git repository: ‘/tmp/umbrel-update//.git’
mv: the call of stat for ‘/tmp/umbrel-update//info.json’ is not possible: File or directory not found
jq: error: Could not open file /tmp/umbrel-update//info.json.orig: No such file or directory
Update path doesn’t seem to be an Umbrel install.


echo ‘{“state”: “success”, “progress”: 100, “description”: “Successfully installed Umbrel v0.5.4”, “updateTo”: “v0.5.4-patch-1”}’ | sudo tee statuses/update-status.json && sudo scripts/update/update --ota

fails with
gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
Running update install scripts of the new release
scripts/update/update: line 136: cd: scripts/update: file or directory not found
ls: Unable to access ‘*’: File or directory not found
Deleting cloned repository
Removing lock

Stopped scripts and containers before update-command.

Is there another way to try to update?
Thank you very much!

The update is not available over Webinterface, there is only v. 0.5.4 available.
I tried to update whithout stopping umbrel-scripts, too.

The other way to update is to reflash the SD card with Balena etcher I am pretty sure.

I do not use a SD Card, only a SSD over USB with Raspberrypi OS and Umbrel. Now I tested a new install with Raspberrypi OS Bookworm and a new install of Umbrel OS on SD Card on Raspberry Pi. The latest umbrel-os-v0.5.4-patch-1 installs only Version 0.5.4 whithout the ability to migrate the apps from a 1 TB to 2TB-SSD.
It seems that the v. 0.5.4-patch-1 ist only available for the Umbrel Hardware, not for Raspberry Pi.