Umbrel update breaks NVMe support?

I’m trying to understand why an attempt at updating Umbrel to 1.2.1 on two separate Pi5’s with identical NVMe boards and SSD’s which were working perfectly would not only fail to connect to WiFi but break the ability for the Pi to see the PCIe board. I’ve tried recreating the exact steps that got the SSD recognizing and working previously, but I can not get the Pi to see the board, let alone boot from it.

Updated the config file, updated the bootloader version, changed the boot order, but no matter what I try, I can only boot from the mSD card, and ‘lsblk’ does not see the PCIe board.

Can someone help point me in the right direction?

Hey @doingbobthings, Can you upload the logs? You can get them by going to settings > troubleshoot > umbrelOS then click on View umbrelOS Logs.

Nope. You can’t update logs when the system doesn’t boot from the drive anymore.