Umbrel + Trezor with full privacy?

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to use Umbrel with my Trezor with the maximum privacy and security possible.
I understand I can connect my Trezor to Electrum Wallet and the wallet to my Umbrel node, which is cool but as I far as I know, to have full control/privacy I would need to connect the Electrum Wallet to an Electrum Personal Server, and Umbrel doesn’t have an Electrum Server app.

Is is possible to install an Electrum Personal Server on Umbrel?

If not, what would be a good setup to use Trezor wih full privacy (wallet and server on my node).
I could install Samourai Server on Umbrel, but I can’t connect Trezor to Samourai Wallet, so I can’t find the right combination here.
Am I missing something?

Would be cool to be able to use Trezor with full privacy on Umbrel right away, since it’s one of the most popular HWs.

Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Umbrel has personal electrum server integrated. Go to app store, select Mempool for example and in right bottom corner you can see requirements. There is electrum server and ,installed". It is neccesary for some apps and functions, it is just not visible anywhere, it runs on a background.

That’s great! Thanks! It should be stated somewhere more visible :slight_smile:
I followed the instructions and connected my Electrum to Umbrel using “Connect Wallet”, “Electrum Desktop”. I wonder if that is enough for Electrum to not leak any data to other servers. Do you know if there is something else one should do?
Thanks agian!

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Should be enough :slight_smile: Just always follow instructions on Umbrel.

since it’s through tor network, should be :white_check_mark: