Connecting through Electrum server to my Umbrel node

How can I connect my hardware wallet using Electrum server to my Umbrel node?


  1. Connect your electrum desktop app with your node (follow the instructions from your Umbrel dashboard, “connect wallet” section
  2. Connect your Trezor with electrum

The Umbrel instructions are not enough I am afraid. Neither the youtube vid you are pushing folks on. By default it connects to plenty of available tor nodes. Even if you specify you node address to connect to. Should’t the electrum be connecting to only one node instead? I am using Windows 10 and electrum ver. 4.1.5. Managed to connect to my only node by using this guide:

If the instructions were wrong, then why only you can’t connect?

By default it connects to plenty of available tor nodes.

What do you mean by that? In Electrum -. Network you very specific option to put ONLY ONE server to connect and only to that one is connecting.
The instruction are very correct in Umbrel dashboard. is only a matter of you capacity of understanding the steps.
That guide from electrum docs you mention is doing ABSOLUTELY the same as in Umbrel connect wallet instructions.

Please tell from this image where are the wrong instructions?
I did myself step by step those in Windows, electrum 4.15 and I am connected very well.

See attached (one server config through the electrum shortcut and default config of Electrum) what Electrum does if not run in the single server config for Tor. At least on my computer. Hope this is visible to you.

Yes, you may consider the Umbrel instructions correct but still not enough.

once you connect to your node, in the bottom right you will see a blue (not green) bubble.
That means you are connected to YOUR own node to validate your txs.
what Electrum does is also showing you the peers that your node is connected in that moment ads a bitcoin node.
That is perfectly normal and should be like that.
Change your perspective, you are missing the point.

DarthCoin thanks for bearing with me.
I am trying to change my perspective but you do not sound convicing with your explanation.
I removed all the servers (recent-servers including) from the Electrum configuration and I am connecting to my node only. It desn’t push any other servers to the Electrum as you alure. BTW the servers on electrum didn’t mach my node peers at all. I have to agree with your rhetoric that I cannot be the only node in the BTC network but your reasoning sound like BS. I understand that my node is supposed to be the gateway to the BTC network for the Electrum and the node takes care of the peers not the Electrum. If I am wrong then how you make sure your node is the GTW if you are connected to 10 other electrum servers at the same time? Please advice.

You still don’t understand how this works.

Your node, like many others, is connected to other nodes, to sync the blockchain, usually 8-10 peers. All the time.

Your Electrum client app, will connect to your node, point to point, using local IP or onion address:port. So, from that moment your node is the only node that check and validate all the traffic between your Electrum wallet app and the rest of the Bitcoin network. Your node is the only one that facilitate this traffic.

So no matter what you are doing and saying, this is the only way.

That list that you see in Electrum wallet app is just a possible list of servers that you can connect to (as you connect to your node). That’s all.
But keep in mind: once you are connected to your own node, that list is IGNORED.

I hope you understand now.

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Thank you for your support. So I have the blue light, I need sats into my lightening side cannot send? Lost here at opening a channel…

No, you still don’t get it…
Electrum IS NOT your LN client for your LN node, is an independent wallet app, that also can open LN channels, but in another manner, separately from your node.

Please, but please, we’ve wrote several guides in the Guides section of this forum, read them ALL.
I wrote a special one Getting started with Umbrel and that one should be your first one to read several times until you understand what are you doing!

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Hi DarthCoin,

Electrum IS NOT your LN client for your LN node, is an independent wallet app, that also can open LN channels, but in another manner, separately from your node.

I still haven’t got it. How is possible to open LN channels NOT from my node from the various apps? Does it mean it’s opened from someone else’s node, thus that kind of channel is non custodial thus subject to the trust in the third party?


Hi DarthCoin
Thank you for your patience
I can not see/find this page in Umbrel Version 0.5.0 (nice update though).
Question: where can find MY server addresse to copy & past into my Electrum wallet Network overview settings ?