Connecting Trezor with Umbrel (Electrum server)

Latest Trezor Suite supports custom backend through Electrum, so I’m trying to connect it with Umbrel.

What I did:

  • took the onion address from Umbrel (connect wallet -> Electrum server)
  • pasted into Trezor Suite (Settings -> Crypto -> Bitcoin settings)

Trezor suite can’t connect.

I can ping Umbrel from the laptop running Trezor Suite (it runs Qubes OS).


Umbrel 0.4.16
Trezor Suite 22.3.2

How can I verify that the Electrum server is running and responding?
Any other ideas how to debug this?

You missed an important step:
run Tor service on your PC/device where is trezor suite installed.
Exactly in the connect wallet - electrum are very clear instructions but you ignore them.
Also you can skip Tor onion address and just use your local IP of your node if you use that device in the same LAN.

My honest opinion: don’t use that trezor suite, but connect your trezor HW to Sparrow and/or Electrum wallet app as interfaces for your HW.