Umbrel store no app appears

I installed everything with the script on my ubuntu server, and nothing appears in the app store. It looks like I don’t have permission: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)

I have another question, my data disk on my server is different, how do I use it for example in the plex and for torrent downloads, is it possible?

And what would be the best way to share files on Windows Mac, etc. on a fileserver?

For the app-store issue, you should be able to resolve it with the following script:

sudo rm -f ~/umbrel/repos/https—github-com-getumbrel-umbrel-apps-git/.git/index.lock && sudo rm -f ~/umbrel/repos/https—github-com-getumbrel-umbrel-apps-git/.git/ORIG_HEAD.lock && sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/repo update

For storage, unfortunately Umbrel does not natively support multiple drives just yet. If you have a larger disk you intend to use for torrent storage, it is better to just install Umbrel directly onto this drive:

curl -L | bash -s – --install-path /some/path

For file sharing the app I find best for this is Syncthing!

It’s applied the scripts there but it didn’t work apparently. Here’s the print.

Then I’ll put it right on the big disk.

I had this exact same issue last week on a freshly installed umbrel. I solved it by uninstalling and installing again.