Umbrel Setup - First Time Node builder


I followed the instructions and after seeing the raspberry pi 4 running after kick off it stops here:

Debian GNU/Linux 10 umbrel tty1

umbrel login:

My keyboard and mouse are set up too but I can not type anything (not that I’d know what to type) maybe its the SSD i have not downloaded anything on it yet. Just the microsd has been flashed with the umbrel software.

I removed everything from the Pi maybe I need to restart it but again the ip address is not being recognized

i figured it out it was because I had the network cable direct to the modem and not to the router which the laptop is on wifi network…now its up and asking me for my name and password and seed phrases…think I’m doing it right finally!

There was also a problem for me that I entered from the introduced IP and it was not a problem

In the Guides section of this forum I wrote an extensive guide about how to set a static IP for your node. I strongly recommend reading it.