Umbrel refuses to boot, even after reflash OS. How to get my btc off?


My Umbrel node refused to boot with the notification: ‘Error: System service failed’.
So, I reflashed the OS (V0.5.x) on the mSD. Now I get the following error: ‘Error: failed to start containers’.

I would like to, at least, get my btc from my node and LN channels.
I have my recovery words and channel-backup file.

How should I continue?

your bitcoin you can recover in pretty much any bitcoin wallet with your seed.
I recommend sparrow or electrum.
not sure about your channels

If you manage to reinstall everything from scratch, so format the SSD as well or use a new one, then at setup you should have an option to restore from a seed and the channels backup should be restored automatically from Umbrel server as I understood. If not you should have an option to upload from your file but I never tried to be honest, I just read about it to be prepared just in case.

Worst case scenario you restore you seed in another wallet (Electrum) and if you cannot restore your channels they will be (or you could do) force close allnof them, which will give you back all the sats that were on your side of the channels minus some closing fee.

It would worth someone spending time to test and document these 2-3 scenarios, like in a video, for helping others in this situation.

Good luck