Umbrel - Power Issue New Install v0. 3.10

Umbrel will not start installation process for a new installation.

Power supply is 3.5 Amps 5V rated, swapped power to another power supply 3A 5V … with same issue. Umbrel OS is reporting get_throttled for power, this does not make sense as there is ample power from the PSUs.

** Other Troubleshooting Steps:**

  • Swapped RPI4 8GB for 4GB RPi4 --> get same issue, throttled.
  • Swapped power supplies --> get same issue throttled.
    – Swapped and formatted SD Cards —> same issue throttled, no installation.
    – SSD detects and works in Windows system.

Is there a known issue with the new 4 day old version of v0. 3.10?

I can fully connect to the network and get into the Umbrel node, but it simply will not install.

RPi4 8GB and 4GB Boards
1 TB Crucial MX500
16GB Kingston Micro SD (Class 10)
Drive Enclosure Sabrient USB 3.0 SSD Optimized
Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4 USB Type C Cable Power Supply | UL Listed 18 Watts 5.25 Volts 3.5 Amps USB C Cable Power Adapter
Geekworm Raspberry Pi 4 Armor Case

vcgencmd get_throttled

Umbrel will no start installation… any ideas

Where the heck to you find a DM option on your system??

There no option in notifications or messages for DM. WTF.

Do I just post the link in the thread? Christ