Umbrel on a UGREEN NAS?

Has anyone tried running Umbrel on a UGREEN NAS, or knows if it would be feasible?
The DXP4800 Plus has Pentium Gold CPU, 8gb (expandable to 64gb) memory, and 2 NVMe slots in addition to the NAS bays, so hardware-wise it should be more than capable.
It has a custom OS based on Debian and afaik it supports Docker. I believe it’s also possible to boot into a different OS, but ideally I would avoid that to keep the built-in NAS features.

I’m considering this as a combo NAS / Plex media server / Umbrel bitcoin node.

Have you used Umbrel before? It does not seem to have very good support for multiple drives in my opinion, though the NAS might present it as one partition.

There is no technical limitation as umbrel is just a layer ontop of a normal linux OS, but it seems like an exercise in frustration to get everything setup.

I am not using a NAS but I am running Umbrel through a enterprise workstation with 4 HDDs, but as @SqueakyHusky stated it should be feasible as Umbrel can exist as a layer on top of debian/ ubuntu based Linux distros. The biggest thing for storage I would recommend is that you bind all the storage drives you plan on using as an LVM. This way Umbrel can just use the storage assigned to the volumed partitions instead of trying to mount and locate the drives in the file system.