Umbrel as a NAS alternative

Hi there, noob here.

I’m using as a NAS an old HP microserver that works well with Open Media Vault. Right now I’m running it as a NAS and a private cloud server.

Now I’ve found the umbrel project online and it seems what I’m looking for (beautiful interface, home cloud capabilities (stitching, nextcloud, photoprism, etc.), easy one click installation of docker images, native bitcoin support, etc.

I would make the switch, but I didn’t find any information about its NAS capabilities. Does it have any? Something like managing different multiple disks, software raids, sharing mountpoints on the network (ssh, ftp, smb).

Thank you for any information.

Hi Fellow Noob,

I don’t have experience with Open Media Vault, but as it runs on Debian and supports open standards like SSH and SMB, you should be able to install Umbrel on top of these base layers. It maybe slightly difficult to find support answers within the Umbrel community, as most noobs are running on Raspberry Pis (a few on Linux).

Assuming you want to install on top of your existing setup, then consider creating a separate drive and install Umbrel:

curl -L | bash -s – --install-path /yourdrivepath

more here:

Hope that helps!


Hi, thank you for answering.
ok… thank you also for the explanation of the linux CLI, but I’m not that noob. I use linux, I just don’t know umbrel. :smiley:

It’s true… OMV runs on top of Debian Bullseye, but it’s reachable from the port 80. I think I might break something installing umbrel there. Idk… maybe it’s possible somehow to install both softwares side by side, serving on different ports.