Umbrel on a phone

Hi folks, is there a vision to be able to run Umbrel on a phone (rather than a Pi or a laptop)?

Why or why not? Thanks

You can access your umbrel on a phone via umbrel.local or tailscale, but i don’t think umbrel will be able to boot on a phone, atleast for the near future. Not a dev though.

Hi! You can run Umbrel on any device based on Ubuntu/Debian. Unfortunately, you can’t run Umbrel on a phone, but you can access and manage your Umbrel directly from your phone at http://umbrel.local :grin:

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So, if Mobian or UBports should make it work ?
As well as booting a Linux CLI on it ?

In idea it will. Just try it

There is already a guy in brazil, that made a bitcoin node work on a samsung phone using TERMUX

This is more a proof of concept, but a good starting point.

You need to have a phone with SD Card ot external Drive or 1TB Memory.
Be aware of Data usage (only wifi)

Another interesting approach would be to use a google Phone like the Pixel7 which allows to setup KVM where you can start Docker Containers. See link below