Setup migration from Raspiblitz to Umbrel

I was hoping to skip the DIY and have a plug and play node built, but it’s coming with Raspiblitz preloaded. I’m intrigued by using Umbrel though and think it’s probably a better fit for me as I begin my lightning adventure.

It’s still being built, but what’s the best course of action to get Umbrel installed when I receive it aside from following the instructions to get Umbrel set up on a Raspberry Pi? Is a complete wipe necessary before following the Umbrel installation instructions? Any concerns to be aware of by doing the 180 at the start before actually getting the node set up? I don’t have any experience with Linux (clearly), just looking forward to diving deeper into Lightning.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

  1. If you are not comfortable with some linux commands (are really necessary) and that node is already installed, you better just stick with what you have. Don’t break something that is already working.
  2. If you really want to have an Umbrel, and don’t bother with DIY, just buy a The Bitcoin Machine that is coming already with Umbrel installed.


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Thanks again for the earlier response. My Raspiblitz node arrived but the blockchain isn’t synced yet so it seems like an opportune time to make a switch unless it’s more complicated than I’m imagining. Since the SSD is basically clean, would just swapping out the SD card with a new SD that I’ve flashed Umbrel on do the trick? If that’s all that’s holding me back from using Umbrel I may be inclined to just grab a fresh SD card before I get too deep into the setup process.


mSD card is just for the UmbrelOS (debian based), nothing about user data on it.
SSD drive is where the blockchain data and user data is stored.