Umbrel Node Login Link

i have 2 nodes connected on local network
i can access onenode through umbrel.local but don’t know how to access the second node

  1. Set a static IP for each node. See this guide
  2. add in your local hosts file, in the PC you are accessing your nodes, the IPs and names of your each node, one line.

You could also access each node by IP not by name.

Hey @DarthCoin, do you know of a simple Linux command to show the MACs on the local net, to do the router DHCP reserve for the Raspis?
If I use arp, it shows missing or outdated results.

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arp -a

In Linux, use command “ifconfig”, look for entry eth0: and number with format e4:5f:01:xx:xx:xx
(e4:5f:01 is a reserved raspberry mac)